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  • ArmchairCoward: Anyone fancy BF3/BF4 one night?  Thinking maybe thursday?
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DayZ Rules

DayZ Rules

  • 1.1 General Rules
  • 1.2 Safezone Rules
  • 1.3 Combat Rules
  • 1.4 Basebuilding and Baseraiding Rules
  • 1.5 Mission Rules
  • 1.6 Server Information
  • 1.7 FAQ

    DayZ Mod Rules

    General Rules

    Rule #1: No cheating of any kind, play fair.
    Rule #2: Abusing rules will be punished, respect the other players!
    Rule #3: No swearing, abusive or racist? behaviour towards any players.
    Rule #4: No arguing with admins, DMR tags are the only admins do not impersonate.
    Rule #5. In need of an admin? Make sure it is for a legit reason please.
    Rule #6: No recruiting or advertising on our servers.
    Rule #7: English language only in chat. No voice in side chat either.
    Rule #8: Squad.xml's are completely forbidden! Remove them or we will remove you.
    Rule #9: There is no excuse in not knowing the rules. Find rest of them at http://www.deadmenrising.net/!

    Safezone Rules

    1. Safe zones are there to give you the opportunity to trade safely.
    2. Safe zones are NOT meant as an area to go AFK in, wait for teammates or to avoid combat.
    3. Stealing in the safe zones is forbidden.
    4. No ramming of players or vehicles in safe zones.
    5. Do NOT camp safe zones or fire towards them to damage or destroy vehicles.
    6. Do NOT leave vehicles in or around the safezone (see the vehicle rules).

    Combat Rules

    1. Unless otherwise specified in game or on the server name servers are Player vs Environment (PVE) not Player vs Player (PVP)
    2. Any bypassing of the disconnect menu will be considered combat logging!
    3. If engaged in battle, running away and hiding just to log out is considered combat logging.
    4. Glitching your body after death so it isn't accessible anymore, is considered combat logging.
    5. Combat logging will result in death and removing gear. Persevering in this will result in ban.
    6. PVP on PVE. Accidents will happen we ask that you help the player back to their body or mutual agree to go separate ways

    Basebuilding and Baseraiding Rules

    1. You are not allowed to build within a 1000 meter radius of any traders or AI sites! (400m on Namalsk and Lingor).
    2. Skybases are not allowed.
    3. Don't block or build in high value buildings like barracks or industrial multilevel buildings.
    4. Barns and houses are for example allowed to build in.
    5. Any kind of kamikaze is NOT allowed.
    6. Plotpoles must be places visible and reachable. Claiming another player his base as your own is not allowed.
    7. It is not allowed to block the access to someone else's base by building in front of it.

    Mission Rules

    1. Mission can only be claimed once you have engaged the enemy This must be made clear in chat. Secondaries can only loot once the primaries have left
    2. Mission that have been claimed will be free to engage if the claimant/CLAN dies.
    3. Mission that have been claimed will be free to engage if the claimant/CLAN falls back from the area i.e. to re arm from base/traders.
    4. Mission AI cannot be claimed but we expect good judgment as to killing all the AI or just picking off one or two

    Server Information

    Basic Information

    1. In need of assistance from an admin? Look for any player with the [DMR] Tags.
    3. Right click on a toolbox while having a scrap metal on your inventory to craft a bike.
    4. To get your base started you need a plot pole. Exceptions: Safe or Tent.
    5. Maintenance is required every 10 days through the plot pole, or your base will disappear.
    6. Everything made from Cinder is indestructible, so are metal floors.
    7. The plot pole is saved on your playerUID. This means you do not have to replace it when you die!
    8. Other addons: Safezones, Self Bloodbag, Take Clothes, Build Snapping, Tow/Lift, Refuel/Repair Stations and more!

    Cleanup System

    1. Lockboxes and Safes unopened for 20 days get deleted.
    2. Your base must be maintained at the plot pole every 10 days or it will decay.
    3. Damaged vehicles that have no key get deleted in 2 days. Vehicles untouched for 5 days get unloacked, 7 days get deleted.
    4. Locked vehicles to which there is no key available anymore get deleted every restart.
    5. The traders get restocked every restart. Vehicles in safezone gets deleted when restart happens!
    6. Every restart, all the Old Bikes and Mountain Bikes get deleted from the server.

    Server Features

    1. Plotpoles have 50m radius. Maintance is 10 days.
    2. Unique DMR AI Mission System
    3. Common scripts like self bloodbag, take clothes, lift/tow.
    4. The emerald in your starting loadout can be used to deploy a bike. (except Namalsk)
    5. Curious about the trader prices? Read it on our website!


    Getting kicked to lobby

    ISSUE: You are ingame, after 10 seconds you get pushed back to lobby, repeatedly.
    1. You have an external program running in the background that may affect Arma 2 OA
    2. Your internet is slow and the connecting takes too long which causes you to be reinitialized
    3. The usual fix is to go to Dayzcommander, press settings and untick at steam options the, Launch using Steam

    If this problem still persists, come talk to an admin on teamspeak, we'll try to help you further!

    A flipped Vehicle

    ISSUE: You were driving and suddenly your car flips, and it won't get back up. Before calling an admin try the following:
    1. Have two players near the car and an option 'Turn Over should appear, stand close to it.
    2. If you are alone, try towing the flipped vehicle to another vehicle, then untow it.

    If this doesn't fix, maybe an admin can help. Do understand that you need to drive careful. Asking an admin for help disrupts his playtime.

    Endless Hourglass

    ISSUE: You have an endless timer and you cannot move anymore or do anything.
    1. Often caused by being overburdened.
    2. You tried to commit suicide but it bugged out. Often it happens because you try to commit suicide and stop.
    1. Try reconnecting from the server. If you can't, restart your game.
    2. Try to find someone that can kill you.

    You can ask an admin to kill you from distance. Be careful not to carry too much weight in the future!

    Loss of Gear

    ISSUE: You log in and notice that the gear of your backpack has been gone.
    1. Always log out by using the disconnect through ESC never take shortcuts such as ALT + F4 or something else.
    2. When you log out, be sure you aren't in the vicinity of a safezone, this will also remove your gear!
    3. Always log out before restart happens. This is one of the primary causes of loss of gear!

    If you lose your gear, you can contact an admin. The first times we may help, but try to avoid it.

    Trader issues

    A. The trader menu doesn't appear anymore.
    B. When you try to buy it says 'insufficient stock'.

    1. Be sure to right click zoom on the trader his face. This usually resolves it!
    2. Try to go to lobby and get back in game. These are the only REASONS:.
    1. Just wait until there is a restart, the traders get an automatic restock then!
    If these SOLUTIONS: don't fix it, you can contact an admin.

    Can't pack your safe

    ISSUE: You try to pack your safe and it's empty but it says it's not!
    There is an invisible 'magazine' in the safe. This is caused by the hatchet or chainsaw!


    1. Equip your hatchet as your primary, place it in safe, remove it from safe.
    2. Equip your chainsaw as your primary, place it in safe, remove it from safe.

    These two weapons are the only cause for it and should fix the issue.

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